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Cerro Huiliche 4x4 and Zipline

A unique 4x4 and a zipline with 4 lines 2920 meters long



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Tour Description

From El Calafate, in just a few minutes, we will begin the ascent to the Huyliche mountain range, the route begins by traveling along the slopes of the Cañadon del Arroyo Calafate, from where we will be able to see the native fauna: guanacos, foxes, hares, loicas, bandurrias, caranchos and falcons among other species. We will continue along the winding, ascending path surrounded by erratic blocks, witnesses of the power of glacial erosion until the First Balcony, scene of the Cenozoic Era, dated 65 million years ago, on the bed of an ancient sea that exposed in the form of fossils, sediment and pieces of fossilized vegetation. After getting off the vehicles for a few minutes, we will continue to the intermediate balcony where the guides will place the equipment (harnesses, helmets) and explain what the activity will be like, indicating the position they should adopt and braking mode. This is the starting point of the zip line circuit where the maximum adventure begins descending the hill along the 4 lines for a total of 2920 meters. Continuing the descent we will arrive at Estancia Huyliche, a historic livestock establishment in operation that dates back to the 1920s, the time of the historic events known as Rebel Patagonia. Then, in the oldest house of the Estancia we will serve lunch, snack or dinner according to the reserved time. ** The Cerro Huyliche 4x4 excursion has 3 options for the descent: 4x4, Zipline or Trekking. If you travel with family or friends and choose different options, you will share the ascent to the hill in a 4x4 and the time in the center of Estancia Huyliche. ** The tour lasts between 3.5 and 4 hours depending on the number of participants. In winter, when part of the 4x4 route becomes inaccessible due to the large amount of accumulated snow (or mud during the thaw), the ascent is made up to about 800 meters until reaching the "East" Balcony from which you can see the the magnificent panoramic views of El Calafate, Lake Argentino and the Andes Mountains. The zip line descent is done along the third and fourth lines, the most spectacular on the circuit! Price From MAY 1 to AUGUST 31, 2023 ARS 26000 Adults From 01 SEPT to 30 NOV 2023 ARS 34000 Adults From 01 to 31 DEC 2023 ARS 40,800 Adults Frequencies From November to February: departures at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. March and October: departures at 10am and 3pm April to September: departure at 11 a.m. The performance of the activity is subject to ground conditions (it operates with snow, it does not operate with mud or ice) and weather conditions. Parties: Dec 24 and Dec 31 am only Dec 25 and Jan 1 does not operate Regarding the Descent If at the beginning of the descent the passenger chooses not to do it using the zip line, they will be relocated to one of the available options (at the passenger's choice), whether it is descent by 4x4 or Trekking. If the guides perceive that a passenger cannot do the Zip Line option due to physical or clothing conditions Possible cancellation of the zip line descent: Very adverse weather conditions could force us to cancel the zip line descent, whether strong side winds, muddy ground at the finish points, heavy rain, ice formation on the cables. The technical manager will define the suspension of the activity in case the safety conditions are not met. Meals included Lunch or dinner: • Meat Empanada, Beef Casserole, Brownie. Includes water, juice and glass of wine • Vegetarian: empanada and vegetable casserole • Celiac: pumpkin soup and vegetable casserole Vegetarian or celiac, inform in advance Snack: • Coffee, tea and juices with homemade cake, scones and doughs. Cancellation due to weather conditions If the conditions do not allow the chosen option to be carried out, passengers may carry out another available option, for example in case of strong wind (more than 55kph) the Zip Line is suspended, in case of heavy rain the Trekking is suspended. If we notice this situation before the pick up, we will inform the passenger about the situation. If their option cannot be made, they will have the option to reschedule or cancel free of charge.


Departure from Hotels -Cerro Huiliche - Estancia Huiliche -Return to Hotels


4 hours

Departure from:

AM and PM to be confirmed


• Spanish - English bilingual guide • Harness and safety equipment • Transfer to and from your hotel • Lunch, snack or dinner depending on departure time

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Cerro Huiliche 4x4 and Zipline

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