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Nativo Experience - Lakes and Caverns

A great 4 x 4 adventure visiting lakes and Caverns



x person

Tour Description

Nativo Experience is a midday 4x4 excursion along the coast of Lake Argentino. Ideal for the day of arrival or departure, it has an anthropological approach, taking a journey through time about the passage of man in these lands, rediscovering stories of the first expeditions and daring people who ventured into the unknown. Among the cliffs and with views of the Andes Mountains, the excursion focuses on the first contacts of those expeditionaries with the natives, to later enter the Tehuelche world. On the shores of the lake are the caves where thousands of years ago that culture left its marks on the rock and which today introduce us to its interpretation.


We have two regular departures per day. Both last 3 hours. Morning: 11am - 2pm Afternoon: 6pm - 9pm


3 hours

Departure from:

Morning: 11am - 2pm
Afternoon: 6pm - 9pm


Pick-up at the hotel Lunch dinner Entrance to Archaeological Zone Driver guide in Spanish/English

Does not include:

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Nativo Experience - Lakes and Caverns

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