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Alternative tour to Moreno Glacier

Get to know the glacier in a different and active way!!



x person

Starting November 1 AR$ 38,000

Tour Description

We leave early to enjoy the journey to the glacier almost in solitude. We will see all the fauna possible because we take an alternative road, gravel and little traveled. It is the historic route of the ranches. We won't be in a hurry, every time you want to stop to take photos, you can do so, however we already have stops scheduled at the best points for wildlife watching and wonderful landscapes. We are going to cross the fields of one of the most emblematic ranches in Patagonia, Estancia Anita, the common tours of the town, don't see this! We will continue advancing in the steppe to reach the Rio Miter inn, run by fellow countryman Echeverría. This emblematic gaucho in the area offers us a parador that has a lot of character, its views, its farm animals, the decoration... A parador with an authentic Patagonian vibe! Meanwhile, you can have some mate, a coffee with cakes (not included) or use the bathrooms, you will see impressive views of the South Arm Valley and the Cordillera, a landscape angle that common tours miss, and thus you can dimension the size of the Patagonian ranches in the middle of the most beautiful part of the Andes mountain range. We will continue advancing until we reach the entrance to the National Park where everyone pays their entrance fee (not included) in the Río Miter section. A few km before reaching the Perito Moreno Glacier, we begin a walk down to the iceberg beach on the South arm of Lake Argentino. We are going to walk a path “off the beaten track”. Imagine visiting the Moreno Glacier from a super special place, walking and discovering pristine and natural places while alone! A solitary beach with views of the South Wall of the Glacier. A solitary and natural environment that, when crossing the almost enchanted and quiet forest, will perhaps allow us to find woodpeckers, astral parrots, and all kinds of bugs! Everything, in the company of the new friends that you will meet during this day and a specialized naturalist guide certified by National Parks, will explain to you all the doubts that you will have when seeing such a glacier. (This walking activity could be suspended due to bad weather, presence of ice or flooding of the lake; in this case, funds will not be returned as these are force majeure circumstances). This is a walk that lasts about 45' and has uneven terrain with some downhill slopes. Once our trekking is over, we resume our transportation and advance the last stretch towards walkways. Additionally, you can reserve, with the help of the guide, a boat that sails in front of the glacier (not included). Arriving at the walkways, each one takes their own direction and takes advantage of the time in the way they like best, discovering the sounds of the glacier, walking looking for the best angle to find a landslide that only this glacier can show you when you are standing in front of it, eating something that you have brought in your backpack or, eating Nativos, the restaurant located in Gl Moreno. Hours later (approximately at 3:00 p.m., this time may change according to the guide's schedule), we begin the return using the conventional paved road. So this tour gives you the possibility of seeing the greatest number of landscapes, exploring new places at a very convenient price, similar to a common excursion. Why take this excursion? – The route design generates a true circuit of different roads, something that practically no one, except on rare occasions, offers in El Calafate. – Our vehicles are prepared for the Patagonian gravel roads. – We have a path off the beaten path for ourselves, that is worth gold if you think that the Moreno Glacier is the most visited place in the area, so admiring it in peace and silence is a very important detail! – We will be arriving in Calafate at approximately 5:00 p.m.


DEPARTURE TIME FROM YOUR HOTEL: From 7:30am (The schedule is not exact. It varies depending on the hotel tour). DIFFICULTY: Medium (applies during the walk that you can avoid if you prefer waiting on the bus), REST OF ACTIVITY: low difficulty. RETURN TIME: 5pm approx. ROAD TYPE: Mixed RIPO/ASPHALT DISTANCE / TIME TO TRAVEL BY BUS: 2 SECTIONS OF APPROXIMATELY 70KMS – TOTAL DURATION OF ACTIVITY: 9 hours approx. SUGGESTED CLOTHING AND MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS: Mountain clothing in layers, preparation for rain, footwear with rubber soles with a profile for traction. Photo or video cameras with their batteries charged. Sunscreen. Cap with visor and gloves for cold weather. Sun glasses. Money in Argentine pesos to pay for entry to the National Park, meals, etc… NOTE: The Alternative Tour to Moreno Glacier departs in the months of August, September, October and March with a minimum of 10 passengers. If this minimum is not reached, the Traditional Moreno Glacier Tour is carried out. SCHEDULED DEPARTURES ON EVEN DAYS OF EACH MONTH AND WITH A STIPULATED MINIMUM OF PASSENGERS. MINORS 50% OF THE RACK RATE.


9 a.m.

Departure from:

Your hotel.


- Round trip transfers from central hotels in El Calafate - Sure - Spanish/English guide

Does not include:

- Entrance to Los Glaciares National Park (paid in Argentine pesos upon arrival at the Park). Don't forget your DNI / Passport or Identity Card Food and drink Access for wheelchairs or people with reduced mobility

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Alternative tour to Moreno Glacier

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